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    A Beer With Atlas
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    Dallas Fort Worth Beers - A Beer With Atlas 63

    We got in a shipment of Dallas Fort Worth Beers that were solid all the way around. Check out our review.

    These beers were excellent, and for a regional craft beer they went the extra mile to have some solid design work on the packaging we particularly like the choice of "Atlas Blue" on the $GALAXY brew.

    Once more, we'd like to extend a special shout out to our friends at AHS MedStat/AHS NurseStat for sending in this selection to us. Thanks for being so thoughtful, gang. Cheers!

    Looking for your source for regional, specialized, and flavorful beers while on your travels? Look no further. "A Beer With Atlas" covers regional craftbeers featured all over the country, so you are sure to find the perfect beverage for any occasion.